Our Patriot Ancestors
     . . . Biographical Sketches

A(braham) Shelly

  The name 'A. Shelly' was included on the bronze plaque attached to the stone monument by the Fisher Summit Memorial Association, headed by Samuel B. Stoler in 1926. The name was not included in the list provided by U. J. Jones in his narrative of the massacre. The source of the name died with Mr. Stoler in 1927.

  The letter 'A' could have stood for the given names of either Abraham, Anthony, Adam or Andrew. Prior to 1780, no man by the surname Shelly and with a given name starting with the letter 'A' resided in the Bedford County region as far as the public records showed. The only men by the surname Shelly, with a given name beginning with the letter 'A' in the whole of Pennsylvania were Abraham, a resident of Philadelphia; Abram, a resident of Bucks County; and Abram Jr, a resident of Lancaster County.

  In 1779, a man by the name of Charles Shelly was recorded as a resident in Colerain Township. Abraham might have been a relative of this man, and may have resided in the Shelly household rather than paying taxes himself.

  In regard to the man's military career, the only references to any men with the surname of Shelly and a given name beginning with the letter 'A' serving in the army during the American Revolutionary War was for Abraham, Abram and Andrew, all serving in the Lancaster County Militia. In Bedford County, two men by the name of Shelly: Hugh and Michael served in Captain Thomas Paxton's Company of Rangers in 1776. They were the only men by the surname Shelly to be recorded as having been enlisted in Bedford County.

  Assuming that Mr. Stoler had some evidence of a man by the name of Shelly having been one of the men massacred here, his name is being included.