The Officers
     Of The Frontier Patriots Chapter, SAR

The Officers of the Blair County Chapter for 2023 include:

   President: Larry D. Smith    (e-mail:

   1st Vice- President: Robert D. Williams    (e-mail:

   2nd Vice-President: John W. Betting    (e-mail:

   Secretary: Larry D. Smith    (e-mail:

   Treasurer: David G. Hammaker    (e-mail:

   Registrar: Larry D. Smith    (e-mail:

   Chaplain: Melvin C. McDowell    (

   Historian: Larry D. Smith    (e-mail:

   Chancellor: Melvin C. McDowell    (e-mail:

   Genealogist: Larry D. Smith    (e-mail:

   Chapter Webmaster: Larry D. Smith    (e-mail:

As you might have taken notice, there are five positions being currently filled by Larry D. Smith (in addition to webmaster). If you are interested in filling any of them please contact this webmaster.